Liquid Applied Waterproofing

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Liquid Applied Waterproofing

Why traditional flat roofing solutions fail

Traditional flat roofing applications are susceptible to failure due to a number of reasons. These issues are preventable when using our liquid applied solutions.

Issues with traditional solutions include: blisters, ponding water, inadequate drainage, underflow of water, plasticizer migration, environmental (UV) and chemical degradation, lack of general maintenance.

Traditional vs Liquid Solutions

Traditional Issues Solved with quality liquids options
Lap and seams Completely seamless waterproofing
Penetrations   All penetrations can be fully encapsulated
Mechanical fixings   Systems are fully chemically / adhesively bonded
Punctures   Excellent puncture and load resistance
Poor design   Unrestricted design – no limitations
Blisters   No potential for underflow of water / vapour
Ponding water   Hydrolysis resistant systems available (PMMA)
Inadequate drainage   Systems can be suitable for zero falls (PMMA)
Underflow of water   Systems fully bonded
Plasticizer migration   All systems plasticizer free
Environmental (UV) and chemical degradation   Systems UV and chemical resistant